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Best Places in Barcelona that You Can Visit for Free

walk-on-the-passeig-maritimeBarcelona is a vivid and beautiful place that has something to offer for all budgets. Not everyone who visits it needs to be well-off, something that the massive amount of tourists it gains can be a testament to. They are people from all backgrounds, with all kinds of income. Today we will look at the best places that can be visited for free. Make no mistake, as the lack of a price does not make them inferior to any other paid experience. Some of our best times in Barcelona consisted in free activities. Before looking at a few of them, let’s first answer a question that people aiming to visit this city ask.

How should I arrive at my accommodation place from the airport?

Worries of getting lost can appear whenever you visit a new place; being left in an unfamiliar place as soon as you exit the plane, while carrying luggage around, it is easy to see why. In our experience, public transportation is not the best solution for your first trip. Trying to find the right routes and then the right address among foreign streets, when you’re still tired from the flight can be overwhelming.

What we recommend instead are Barcelona airport taxi services. The servicesoffer everything a newcomer needs: comfort, speed and a good price/quality ratio. Having a professional driver handle the trip towards your staying place can eliminate some of your stress and allow you spend more time resting. Cab drivers are also an excellent way of getting your first tips from locals. Their experience guarantees that they know how to guide tourists towards the city’s attractions. With that being said, let us have a look at some of the best places to visit.

  1. Museu Picasso

Picasso is well past a name that is only known to art lovers. As one of the most influential artists of all time, he transitioned deep into mainstream attention, with his works having an historical importance that should be known even by those not passionate about painting. If you are in Barcelona, this musem is a must see. The entrance is free for all.

  1. Walking tours

Free walking tours are excellent ways of getting to know cities as they are in the present day, while learning more about their history. One particular company that we enjoyed was Sandemans and their New Europe Tours, available in numerous cities accross the continent.

  1. Visit the “Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia”

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture that is free for all to see, there are few things as breathtaking as seeing the imposing design from the inside.

  1. Walk on the Passeig Maritime

One of the simple pleasures that beautiful cities like Barcelona provide is walking while admiring the view. Passeig Maritime is a perfect place that locals always use to enjoy the weather and relax, whether by walking, cycling, watching street performers or simply sitting and admiring nature.

  1. Go to a quiet part of a beach

Beaches can be quite crowded at times, yet you can often find unused areas if you keep walking. Relaxing on a beautiful, quiet beach canbe one of the most simple, yet rewarding experience in your travels.